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Cincinnati Drug Treatment Centers can help patients achieve recovery and sobriety and discover a better way of living. Once drug addicts or alcoholics decide to join a treatment program, they can start the first stage of recovery which is generally medical detox. Then they can move unto rehab where they are provided with medical and psychological treatment to overcome their addiction.

Alcoholism and drug addiction can destroy the lives of users and their loved ones. Those who continue to abuse these substances can become addicted to them and face a wide range of problems with health, relationships, finances, and legal issues. With the help of Cincinnati Drug Treatment Centers addiction counselors can provide a way to aid in helping addicts to overcome the challenges that they so often face and provide the recovery tools necessary to achieve long-term sobriety. Call (513) 297-3331 to hear about your treatment options.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is an unwholesome connection to addictive substances in which the individual has no control over his or her actions. Over time, the user can start believing that he or she can’t cope without them, or that life cannot be enjoyed without using these substances. He or she may end up becoming dependent to them in order to function properly. This destructive behavior may persist in spite of the negative consequences.

Many times people use drugs or alcohol in order to relax, or to reward themselves. People who struggle with chemical dependence often face great damage to their self-esteem and allow addiction define who they are. Addiction doesn’t define you. Although it can affect individuals from all walks of life and the lives of family members, and friends, recovery is possible. Oftentimes, all you need is someone that understands you and helps you heal. Help is only a telephone call away, call Cincinnati Drug Treatment Centers at (513) 297-3331 to find out about options for treatment centers.

Medical Detoxification 

Seasoned addiction professionals at a drug and alcohol rehab center understand that the process of detoxification can be incredibly unpleasant. Withdrawal symptoms associated long-term drug and alcohol addiction may include: feeling fatigued, sleep-deprived, vomiting, night-sweats, etc. Those that try to quite “cold-turkey,” especially for those that are addicted to alcohol, are in real danger. An alcohol-dependent individual can have a delirium tremen (DT) and potentially die if they decided to quit on their own.

This is why it’s essential to seek treatment at a drug and alcohol treatment facility that has medically-assisted detox. At these facilities, medical personnel eases these uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms by administering specific medications based on the nature of the individual’s addiction. This also helps to keep the person stable enough to aid in preventing from further relapse.

Relapse Prevention

At many treatment facilities, programs at implemented to help patients from relapsing both during and after treatment. As many addiction treatment professionals understand that addicts are prone to chronic relapse, it’s imperative that these addicts learn how to cope with life without the use of drugs and alcohol. With the help of Cincinnati Drug Treatment Centers, effective relapse prevention techniques are taught by professional addiction counselors to help addicts learn coping mechanisms.

Unless an addict can learn to cope with life’s unfortunate and unexpected circumstances, as life tends to do, they will always relapse. Relapse is imminent for an addict that lacks coping skills. To seek treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab that provides techniques that teach addicts the importance of coping skills can be the difference between life and death or someone suffering from addiction.

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